The Pillar of Faith

The first pillar corresponds to the experience of faith, shahada, which must be lived and stated with conviction, in order to a person fully experience the Islamic religion. It is the believer's structural pillar that will put into practice the next four pillars.

The Pillar of Prayer

Muslims pray five times a day. Each prayer takes a few minutes and allows a direct connection between God and those who pray. Despite having a well-defined schedule, it is permissible to adapt the practice of prayer in the believer’s daily life.

The Pillar of Fasting

Ramadan is the ninth month on the calendar of Islam. By practicing fasting between rising and sunset, Muslims distance themselves from their daily lives and reflect on their actions, in order to transform themselves into better human beings.

The Pillar of Charity

Caring for others, either directly or through a responsible individual, is a duty for the Muslim believer. During Ramadan, the Muslim experiences the daily lives of the poor who do not eat. In Islam, in addition to donating part of their income to those in need, it is also possible to offer food for the soul.

The Pillar of Pilgrimage

The Pilgrimage is only compulsory for those who are healthy and have the financially means. All Muslims around the world meet around the Kaaba which is the quintessential sacred place of meeting between man and God. People who cannot go has other ways to benefit from spiritual purification.

Narratives of Global Islam

The Quran, holy book of Islam, promotes peace among all. Quran’s interpretation must be responsible and constructive. For most believers and practitioners, the Muslim religion is based on the 5 pillars of Islam.

The campaign Narratives of Global Islam offers the testimony of men and women in Portugal, France and Italy who tell us how they live and practice each of Islam’s pillars.

The objective of the campaign is to present individual testimonies of credible voices within the Muslim community in order to highlight the main features of Islamic interpretations in order to combat extremist propaganda. Secondly, to amplify the voices of credible leaders, activists and practitioners within the Muslim community and disseminate role-models aimed at deconstructing violent extremist propaganda.

Help The World

The objective of the project is to empower local communities to better understand the Islamic values through testimonies of credible voices within the Islamic community. Consequently, the public participation of Islamic leaders openly share their values with the local community will create more resilience to indoctrination by violent extremist groups.

Our campaign is not only a campaign, but a social movement which aims at replicating positive insights about fundamental rights, democracy and open society. Under the motto “raise your voice against extremist violence”, you will have the opportunity to have an active participation in our campaign. The fundamental question should then be: how can you be an activist to help us spreading this campaign? Your activism includes but is not limited to sending us your narratives (text, film, media) if connected to the campaign’s main topics.